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CHP provides a plethora of extremely unique corporate housing amenities and  services that have been designed to serve the employees of its Country Club based clientele and other hospitality based establishments.

  • These services include:
  • 24 hour concierge service
  • 24 hour support line
  • Complimentary amenity replenishment services (If any of the amenities provided at the
    beginning of a season break, CHP will replace them at no cost) (Excluding furniture)
  • Initial Move In Orientation Services (CHP sets strict rules for the employees to follow
    during their stay to take pressure off of HR and avoid any internal conflicts among the

CHP does not offer short term Corporate Housing. CHP focuses on 7-12 month leases.

Yes, you will have to sign a lease agreement. CHP will facilitate signing and break down the terms of the lease. Once the Lease is executed no further action will be required pertaining to the contract. CHP pays all rents and fees associated with the leased units as this is included in the daily rate per person.

Seven Months is usually the minimum stay.

As stated in FAQ #1 CHP does not offer short term Corporate Housing.

You can reach our Head Housing Coordinator anytime at (954)-661-0575  to learn more about our corporate housing amenities and services or Click here to complete our online request form.

CHP charges a daily rate per person that varies based on location and amount of occupants.

This daily rate includes rent, all utilities, internet and streaming services, brand new amenities, and CHP’s 24 hour concierge service/support line.

CHP requires at least 4 occupants in two bedroom units and 6 occupants in three bedroom units. (2 beds per room is standard)

CHP bills its clients on the 15th of each month for rent due on the first of the upcoming month.

CHP bills according to the number of occupants staying in the units provided.

CHP accepts payment via wire or check. The Services Agreement that CHP provides at the beginning of each season clarifies all due dates and processes pertaining to monthly payments.

CHP properties are equipped with the best amenities available. Depending on location,
properties usually include:

  • pools
  • fitness centers
  • clubhouses with additional amenities that vary
  • tennis courts
  • volleyball courts
  • children’s play areas
  • business centers or meeting rooms

CHP can provide one bedroom, two bedroom, three bedroom and even in certain cases four bedroom units.

CHP is flexible and can accommodate each client based on its wants and needs.

Contact us today to discuss your corporate housing needs. We have the tools and experience to provide your staff with a housing solution that they will be happy to call home.