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Corporate Housing Pros has been safely and reliably been providing corporate apts and corporate housing to employees in the hospitality industry for 20 years. Corporate Housing Pros is your best choice for providing housing for your staff. Our corporate housing service comes with peace of mind for you and your employees, with our 24/7 concierge service, making sure that all of our corporate residents are getting the best living experience that we can provide. 

Give us a call at 954-661-0575 or fill out the form to learn more about our all inclusive housing services and how we can provide the best overall experience for you and your employees.

    Corporate Housing Pros is your premiere housing solution for international employees that your company employs. We have over 20 years professional experience housing employees from many industries including country clubs, hotels, resorts and more. We have the experience and resources to provide your employees a home away from home that allows your employees to live full lives, making for better performing employees, regardless of the industry.

    We are the pros in corporate housing, offering fully furnished, fully functional and well thought out housing solutions that are budgeted to make sense financially for businesses in need of providing longer term living arrangements for their valued staff. We understand that a stable and happy home life contributes directly to a happier and more productive work day for your employees, so we do all that we can to provide that for our residents.